Outstanding Genetic Offerings Available From GenerVations in the U.S.

PLAIN CITY, Ohio, December 12, 2014—The GenerVations lineup continues to grow and develop with new proven sires and elite young sires from North America’s most exciting and time-tested cow families.

Now Daughter Proven
Popular young sire, 250HO1002 Genervations EPIC (EX-94-GM) received his first official Type proof during the December sire summary with high reliability. He is now a top-20 GTPI® sire (+2296) with balanced fitness traits: +5.3 Productive Life (PL), +2.3 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) and 2.88 Somatic Cell Score (SCS). His daughters have excellent feet and legs (+2.08 Feet and Leg Composite) and are strong cows with high, wide rear udders. At 7.2% DBH he can be used with confidence in heifer pens for calving ease.

A direct descendent of Braedale Baler Twine (VG-86-VG-MS), 250HO993 Mapel Wood BOULDER (EX-92) joins the proven lineup as the No. 7 GLPI sire in Canada at +2912. He is a component specialist (+0.17% Fat, +55 Fat, +0.07% Protein, +28 Protein) that moderates stature and is a calving ease sire at 7.4% DBH.

250HO1010 Genervations LEXOR (EX-91), a Man-O-Man grandson of Lylehaven Lila Z (EX-94-EX-MS), received his first production proof. He transmits outstanding components for cheese markets: +0.12%F, +48F, +0.09%P, +37P.

Elite Young Sire Genetics
Full brothers, 250HO1118 Delaberge PEPPER (VG-86) and 250HO1131 Delaberge SALT (VG-85) made a large jump into the top-15 GTPI active young sires at +2643 and +2640, respectively. They are also among the best for Net Merit (NM$) (+766) and Udder Composite (UDC) (PEPPER +2.68, SALT +2.66).

Another top-15 genomic young sire at +2635, 250HO1127 Stantons MAIN EVENT, ranks high for FLC at +2.88.

New addition, 250HO12413 Stantons SS EZIO 9142-ET, is the No. 5 Combined Fat and Protein (CFP) (+156) active young sire and the No. 3 Fat sire (+94). EZIO is a Supersire son from the Crockett-Acres Elita-ET (VG-87-GMD-DOM) cow family that is available in gender-sorted semen.

250HO1123 Stantons MOTIVATOR, a direct descendent of Sher-Est S-Wind Saturday-ET (EX-90), is a top-10 UDC sire at +3.19. He is also among the best for FLC (+2.91), Type (+2.89) and SCS (2.58).

Other proven sires available from GenerVations in the U.S. are:

  • 250HO914 Gillette WINDHAMMER (EX-97) (Bolton x Blitz)
  • 250HO933 Tramilda-N ESCALADE-ET (EX-93) (Baxter x Shottle)

The following young sires are offered from GenerVations in the U.S.:

  • 250HO1043 Gen-I-Beq AIKMAN (VG-86) (Snowman x Baxter)
  • 250HO1049 Genervations LIQUID GOLD (EX-90) (BOULDER x Planet)
  • 250HO1073 Boldi V S ANTON (VG-89) (EPIC x Man-O-Man)
  • 250HO1083 Suntor JOYRIDE (EPIC x Man-O-Man)
  • 250HO1101 Ste Odile SATISFACTION (EPIC x Man-O-Man)
  • 250HO1102 Ste Odile OCEANIC (VG-85) (EPIC x Man-O-Man)
  • 250HO1106 Stantons COLLATERAL (VG-85) (EPIC x Observer)
  • 250HO1109 Stantons CAMARO (VG-85) (EPIC x Freddie)
  • 250HO1115 Stantons EXTRAVERT (VG-85) (Mogul x Observer)
  • 250HO1117 Stantons CAPTION (VG-85) (Mayfield x Freddie)
  • 250HO1120 Stantons CAPTIVATE (Mogul x Observer)
  • 250HO1124 Stantons ENCOUNTER (Mogul x Super)
  • 250HO1134 Stantons SERONA (Supersire x Super)
  • 250HO1136 Lonsdale Bt SHERPA (Mogul x Man-O-Man)
  • 250HO1140 Ste Odile PETRUS (Mascalese x Man-O-Man)
  • 250HO1141 Gillette Sgo MESSENGER P (Earnhardt P x Planet)

To order GenerVations semen in the U.S. contact your local Select Sires representative or call (844) STUD-250.

Founded in 1999, GenerVations Inc. is a product line of Select Sires Inc., North America’s largest A.I. organization comprised of nine farmer-owned and -controlled cooperatives. As the industry leader, Select Sires provides highly fertile semen as well as excellence in service and programs to achieve its basic objective of supplying dairy and beef producers with North America’s best genetics at a reasonable price.
Source: 12/14 USDA-CDCB Genomic Evaluation, USDA/HA Genomic Evaluation, CDN Evaluation % Rel: EPIC PL 83, DPR 78, SCS 96, Type 96, CE 98; BOULDER GLPI 85, Yield 88, CE 87; LEXOR Yield 88; PEPPER NM$ 74, Type 75; SALT NM$ 74, Type 75; MAIN EVENT Type 76; EZIO Yield 74; MOTIVATOR Type 75, SCS 73. ®Total Performance Index and TPI are registered trademarks of Holstein Association USA.

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