PAGEANT : Top of the Class!

Distinguished son of Miss America, the Diva of the Holstein breed, the spotlights are on PAGEANT as he enters the genetic arena. Connoisseurs of progressive genetics have been watching and waiting for his release. His DNA is forged from a long succession of aggressive crosses aiming for the highest summits of Holstein genetics. PAGEANT stands out like a king with globally superior genetic indexes, 2544 GTPI, combined with exceptional indexes related to profitability: 724$ NM & 763$ CM!
He Stands Alone in his Category
Stemming from a maternal line that boasts the icons of the breed such as Missy, Shauna and Miss America, PAGEANT has every reason to be in the limelight. This Cashmoney son will please breeders looking for components with his outstanding deviations for fat (72lbs +0.23). PAGEANT has Health and Fertility numbers particularly favorable, especially for somatic cells (2,57), Productive Life (7.1), Daughter Fertility (2.3 DGV) & Calving Ease (6.7).
Two Icon Families Connecting in One!
PAGEANT is the result of the connection of two « Marquis » cow families: the Missy’s and the Barbie’s. PAGEANT’s sire Cashmoney is a direct descendant of Barbie from the famous Regancrest herd. The union of two deep and beloved cow families lining up multiple generations of high VG and EX dams from the top and bottom part of the pedigrees into one iconic pedigree makes PAGEANT a phenomenal package with modern genetic advancement and breed leading Cheese Merit (CM$).
More than ever, the industry needs genetics that optimize the profitability of dairy operations by offering bulls on the market that will increase the lifetime profitability of their descendants.  PAGEANT offers more than any other bull presently on the market with a proven pedigree behind him and progressive indexes he pledges profitability and longevity for the Holstein breed.
Mr America PAGEANT-ET was bred by Tranquillity Farms, QC, Canada.

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