TAG definitely fits as a key player on the Canadian Genetic Scene!

TAG definitely fits as a key player on the Canadian market and will satisfy, through its elite and diverse offer, all Canadian farms!


 4 HOLSTEIN bulls among the top 100 genomic bulls
• The # 1 and # 20 LPI of the Jersey breed
• The #2 in the newly proven HOLSTEIN sire list / #4 in the whole breed
• The # 1 PTAT the world

Highlight: KOBRA, the # 1 of the proof sheet, is the new available star in the industry!
DOUBLE EAGLE RANSM KOBRA AND is the official # 1 of our proof sheet with an unique LPI 3501 (DGV 3739!). And available now! The new star of genomic selection is highlighted by its particularly unique origins: RANSOM * EXPLODE * JUDD * BEST * COPPER! Largely used as a sire of sons, his exceptional and complete profile will allow TAG to position it in any Canadian herd!
His sire, DE-SU RANSOM-ET, is still amazing for a bull, which will have its progeny proof next year and is ranked # 3 on GPA LPI bulls in his age group. With GTPI 2566, it is our current # 1 bull available on an US base. His daughters are characterized by their aggressive temperament on the feed bunk and will begin to calve next spring.

MR DONALYNN DARK KING-ET that displays a very solid +17 for type is also available now. DARK KING is the # 1 DAY son for type and none other than the maternal brother of our highest demanded bull in 2014: MR DONALYNN MILLENNIUM-ET which itself maintains its +19 in type.

LACTOMONT LAUNCH MOGUL gains 2 points in type (+17) and is positioned in the top 100 LPI MPG. MR ALPHAGEN DAGON-ET also increases and passes to an impressive +18 in type and +16 in mammary system.

ECLIPSE ATWOODS ARCHRIVAL, which will soon be available, positions itself as the # 1 PTAT of all bulls of the breed at 3.88! Archrival goes back to the famous MS KINGSTEAD CHIEF ADEEN-ET EX 94 is based on a proven pedigree: Atwood * Shottle VG-87 2Yr * Champion VG-89 2Yr * Lee EX-94 * Skychief EX-94. It becomes an inevitable option for type lovers and it will also be available in sexed semen a couple of weeks from now.
In the Ayrshire, the novelty of August’s proof, Des Coteaux Volka is even more dominant in the breed with 2943 GLPI and conformation score which amounts to 13 (+13 F & L)! With its high production traits it is the current star of our Ayrshire program!

With the stabilization of the proof of Burdette (his sire), Midas is climbing 2 points in conformation to position himself at  +10, which clearly shows the high potential from his family, Loulou EX-95 and EX-94 Larra !!!
Forever Schoon PREDATOR, in addition to excelling through the results of its daughters in the shows, increases his GLPI to 2596 and maintains its flawless profile!
On the Jerseys, Vermalar BRANDON is the star of this round with an unwavering conformation +11 (+10 MS, 7 F & L), which positions BRANDON as the # 3 of the breed for this trait among positive JE bulls for production. Son of Gabys Tbone BRANSON, his mother is now EX-90 and 4th lactation.

Pellerat Planet LEGO is the 2nd best newly proven bull for December 2014 and 4th best proven sire in Canada!

This son of Planet comes from a Goldwyn VG-89-4YR-CAN dam, which, in addition to combine two superior lactations, was shown in exhibitions and goes back to the famous starry Canadian family of: La Presentation Daurel. Dominant health traits (112 Productive Life, 2.57 in SCS and 104 DF), it presents a balanced production profile with excellent differential: 74kg +0.42 Fat and 43kg +0.15 Protein. It also exhibits excellent indices for mammary systems (+9) and feet and legs(+11)!

Also newly proven, CHIQUES-LYN JV FLINT 474-ET makes a very respectable copy with +13 Type (+16 VGD!) and not less than 83% of its daughters classified GP+. It is simply the # 1 son of JEEVES tested and positioned just in front of another bull distributed by TAG: BOISBLANC JACKSON.
Dinomi Goldwyn DARIUS maintains its position in the top 100 Canadian bulls and retains its flawless functional profile, on the basis of more than 200 classified daughters, which constantly meet their breeders expectations,
especially given the quality of their feet and legs (+14) and their exemplary fertility

Gabys Tbone BRANSON is at the pole position of the GLPI ranking among proven Jersey sires, and it happens a second consecutive round. He stills 100 points ahead of his closest pursuer, masterfully dominating the Jersey breed! He is also the sire of the # 3 GLPI cow in the breed race and also the 3rd best new cow on a GLPI basis.
SUNSET CANYON MOROCCO-ET is our 2nd proven sire and present in the top 20 in Canada. Far away from a surprise, his dam is none other than Sunset Canyon Lemvig Maid 4 EX-93 2E, which is, undoubtedly, the most important member of the family Maid present in Sunset Canyon. GABYS VALENTINO ARRIVAL-ET thanks to an American MACE proof, enhances both its conformation and  production proof becoming a proven sire of high interest in the breed!

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